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Shamanic Card Readings


Shamanic card readings with Rhonda are available by appointment.  Rhonda has developed her own deck and system of reading. This is not a fortune telling, this is a reading that gives you visual cues and clarity for the energy that you are currently manifesting. If you are stuck or feel limited, a reading can put you back on track. They are read to heal and show areas that could use more attention in your life.

$75/30 minutes

Healing Workshops and Private Sessions


We offer a variety of different workshops ranging in topics from herbalism, Native American traditions, meditation, aromatherapy, shamanism, and much more! Rhonda also offers a year-long course, Risk Everything!, based off of her twenty year mentor, Angeles Arrien's work. Private appointments can be made by phone and hours are adjustable. 

Spiritual Tools


We offer a wide selection of specialty intention candles, South Dakota Longstem Sage, High Elevation Sage, and White Sage. Shells and Feathers are also available for smudging. We also have various aromatherapy formulas to assist in elevating consciousness and healing. We can ship your order or you can pick it up!

Drumming Circles

We host a monthly drumming circle, seasonal ceremonies, and healing ceremonies. These events are $25 per person. Must register in advance. Please call 708-352-8481 to reserve your spot. No alcohol or drugs in your system while participating!


Year Long Program - Full for 2019

Risk Everything!... A Mystery School

This program begins in January of each year. It is a tool for deep immersion into your own personal work. The class involves experiential work in a group setting. We begin accepting new admissions in September of 2019 for the 2020 program. This is for serious seekers only, commitment required! 

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Drumming Circle


Cost is $25 to attend. Space is limited, call for reservations. 

Card Reading


Come in for Rhonda's Shamanic Card Reading. Pricing for the reading is $75 for a half hour. Call for your space. 

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We are located in LaGrange Park, not far from our original store location.  By appointment only.

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